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Belgrade is the capital of the Republic of Serbia and is, because of this, the country's biggest town with a population of roughly 1.7 million people. It is located on the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. The town has a very long history, dating back to the 4th century BC, when the region was settled by Celtic tribes. Later on, it became the Roman town of Singidunum, and relics of that era can still be noticed in the town, especially at Kalemegdan Castle. During the course of the Middle Ages the town became a Serbian stronghold till the Turkish invasion. The town changed hands between the Ottomans and the Austrians a couple of times till 1878, when Serbia got its independence and Belgrade became the capital of the new country. As one of oldest towns in this part of Europe, situated at the crossroads of the East and West, the capital of Serbia is an astonishingly abundant mosaic of diverse cultures, affects and styles with a mystical and exotic environment. European but with oriental affects, Belgrade is an exceptional weekend break, with lots of colourful landmarks and tourist attractions, wonderful design, a vibrant night life, exceptional and affordable shopping, in addition to a blooming cultural scene.
Excellent coffee houses, quirky ice-creameries and smoky dens all find rightful location along Knez Mihailova, a full of life car-free boulevard flanked by historic constructions all the way to the medieval Kalemegdan Bastion, crown of the town. The old riverside Savamala neighborhood has gone from ruin to resurrection, and is the town's creative headquarters. Deeper in Belgrade's bowels are art galleries guarding the cultural, spiritual and military tradition of the country. Josip Broz Tito and other ghosts of the history have been laid to rest here. The town's most attention-grabbing attraction is the Kalemegdan Castle. Just outside the park boundary is the Old Town, whose lush lattice of roads conceals Belgrade’s most colourful landmarks. South of here is Belgrade’s central plaza, Trg Republike, and the old bohemian quarter of Skadarlija, beyond which lie several more landmarks definitely worth seeing, consisting of one of the Europe's biggest Orthodox churches.

Accommodation in Belgrade

Accommodation in Belgrade runs the gambit from deluxe hotels and resorts to mattresses in alcoves. Although most people decide the middle ground and opt for furnished holiday apartments. No two interiors are similar in a Belgrade apartment; while you may have skylights in one, another will give you a loft and still another will surprise you with green shag carpet and old Yugoslavian furniture.

Getting There & Around

Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla air-port boasts direct air travels from most European capitals, although Budapest is the closest air-port providing low cost air travels for longer distances. The Budapest - Belgrade train operates three times a day. Another choice is to look for flight deals to/from Timisoara in Romania; the train to and from Timisoara operates twice per day. Once in the town, buses run frequently and go pretty much everywhere. People often don’t pay for the bus at all, although occasionally you’ll see the inspectors pop on with their machines and you’ll pay a fine if you get caught without a ticket. Taxis are simple to catch, although be cautious they will try to rip you off, particularly if you’re catching one at the railway station. A taxi from the railway station to the heart of the town should only run 300-400 Din. Costs are a bit more costly after midnight. Belgrade is predominantly car-free friendly. The town center can be explored on foot and the prime car-free street is Knez Mihajlova which connects to the Kalemegdan castle. The riverbanks are also full of people on weekends when the weather is good. Belgrade also has a lot of attractive parklands. The car-free trails are mostly in decent shape although be cautious in some spots, particularly in Skadarlija where the old cobble path is in pretty bad shape.

There are plans to expand the car-free zone near the Knez Mihajlova street. Work has already begun to transform a couple of roads into car-free areas and in a couple of years, the whole area around Knez Mihajlova and the Republic square should be traffic-free. Riding a bicycle on the same roads with cars and buses is considered too dangerous, even though on smaller roads it can be risk-free. Prevent riding on major (multilane) streets. Regrettably, you are not allowed to carry bicycles into public transport vehicles.

Main sights

As mentioned, Belgrade city center is not too big. Every thing between Kalemegdan, Knez Mihajlova street and Skadarska street is best viewed by foot. Other than that, it is recommended to use other means of transportation. Note that lots of Belgrade's art galleries are closed on Monday. It may be wise to check before making a visit.

  • The monumental Kalemegdan and Belgrade Castle facility.
  • The Republic Plaza and National theatre.
  • Restaurant patios in Skadarlija - car-free street loaded with dining establishments and cafeterias, most in the spirit of old Belgrade.
  • The Old Palace.
  • National Assembly of Serbia.


Belgrade has a continental atmospheric conditions with pleasant summer months are chilly winters. Summers last from May to September with average highs of 25 °C to 30 °C Celsius, from time to time hitting 38 °C. Winters last from late November to February when temperature levels throughout the day are around zero, while evenings are very cold and temperature levels below -20 °C are possible. Summer months are rather wetter compared to the other season, though rain or snow is possible year round. In summer, rain is more like heavy showers with enough sunlight during the days as well.

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